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Jrock Rogues
This started out as a writing meme on my journal and after the amazing responses from my friends list, I, Minka, decided to take it to the next step.

Basically it is a prompt/theme based fic challenge that exists simply for my amusement. Other than that, it is a bit of an attempt on my part to get some more fics out there based on different subjects and featuring pairings that aren’t of the norm.

Please make sure that you read all the rules listed below before getting started.

Competition Closes

Date: 17/08/2009

General Rules and Guidelines:
+ It must be a new fic, written solely for this contest.

+ It can only be posted here until after the final decision and the winners are announced; then you can post spam it anywhere. However, a link to this contest needs to be included in the header.

+ There are a few pairing and band restrictions, so make sure you read all the rules before writing.

The Fics:
+ All fics must be based around at least three (3) of these concepts/themes. Include as many as you would like, or just stick to the minimum of three; the choice is up to you.

+ Word Limit: Anywhere from 500 words to 5000 words.

+ Must be a oneshot, so no chaptered fics.

+ IMPORTANT: it doesn’t have to be slash. Sure, slash is welcomed, but, well, you should all know me by now; I love things that are different. Violence, guns, assassins etc.

The Restrictions
+ I will NOT accept any fics staring these bands: Alice Nine, Dir en Grey. I will allow Gazette fics only because there would be an outcry if I didn’t. However, I encourage you to think outside the box and choose different bands. Things like 12012, lynch., Girugamesh, MUCC, Sadie, Screw, Merry… aka, bands that are popular but hardly get written about. Be creative!

+ I will NOT accept any fics featuring the following Gazette pairings: Aoi/Uruha, Reita/Ruki or Uruha/Ruki. Neither will I accept any of these pairings: Gackt/Hyde, Miyavi/anyone from Gazette. Why? Because they are soooo common and are everywhere and I am bored of them. Get some crack pairings happening instead, or do as said above and find some different bands!!

For more information, see this post

The Prizes
+ First Place
- Banner/journal header/story poster made from images of your choice (no layout coding)
- Summary and link to your story in the latest chapter of The Hard Goodbye (gets approximately 400 hits per chapter, so that is good publicity)
- Profile banner to say that you participated in and won the challenge.

+ Second Place
- Banner/journal header/story poster made from images of your choice (no layout coding)
- Profile banner to say that you participated and came 2nd in the challenge.

+ Third Place
- Profile banner to say that you participated and came 3rd in the challenge.
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