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14 July 2009 @ 02:12 pm
Further Information and FAQ  
Can more than one person claim a theme?
Yes! It doesn’t matter if there has already been a fic posted with ‘Bodyguard scenarios’ as a theme; just as long as yours is original, it is fine.

Can I incorporate more than just three themes into my fic?
Yes, you can use as many of the 75 themes as you would like. Just make sure to list them in the header section when posting your fic. You can get the code for that on the profile page.

Can I enter more than one fic into the contest?
I will allow up to three submissions for each writer. This is good for those looking at fics around the 500 word limit.

Does my fic have to contain slash?
No, it doesn’t. In fact, I am a fan of the not-so-slashy fics, so that may even win you some browny points. On the other side, everyone loves the idea of two hot jrockers getting it on, so slash away.

How will the winners be decided?
This will be a two part process. First, myself and my judges will go through and pick out the stories that we think are the best of the best. There is no limit to how many we pick; it simply depends on the submissions. Following that I will create a poll where you, the readers and writers will get the chance to vote for your favourite.

What will the judges be looking for when making their decision?
That will be based on a lot of things. Just to name a few…
- Correct spelling and grammar is always a plus so make sure that you proofread before submitting
- Original concepts and ideas that push characters limits.
- Situations and scenarios that are not of the norm.
- Realism is important; even if you are writing about Satoshi being a mutant turtle, I want to believe it! I want to look at a picture of him and wonder if he really is a ninja turtle in his free time. Make us believe.
- Facts and information; I am a believer in not writing what you know, but knowing what you write. If you want to mention a gun, google it and get the facts. What sort of bullet does it fire etc
- Artistic flare and description.

If you have any further questions, please reply here.
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Minka: Hizumi - Lost Cityminka_g on July 21st, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Judges will be myself, the person who beta reads my stories and maybe another person. Obviously judges can't participate in the comp.

After that, the rest will be left up to a community vote.