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14 July 2009 @ 02:39 pm
List of themes.  
Remember that when writing your fic for this competition you MUST include at least three (3) of these themes. Add whatever you would like,

For instance, you might choose the themes Bad Boys, Motorcycles and Mirrors and write a story about Wataru stealing a motorbike and looking in the side mirrors as he is being chased down the street.

The interpretation of the themes are up to you, they just need to be clearly shown within the plot.

1. Adrenaline and crises (speed-freaks or adrenaline junkies; near-death experiences; the shadow of impending death--hours, minutes, or moments)

2. Alpha males (alpha/beta male pairings; alpha/alpha pairings)

3. Amnesia

4. Animalistic behaviors and characteristics, dominant (snarling; sniffing; scent-marking or biting; other claiming acts; territoriality; predatory stalking; cuffing; forcing the partner's neck down; claws and other features)

5. Anti-heroes (sympathetic villains; villains with principles; noble demons; enemies who keep their word)

6. Aristocracy (aristocratic behaviors, characteristics, and/or identity; chivalry and noblesse oblige; royal blood; elegance or effeteness; dignity; royal courts or castles; imperial cultures; Greco-Roman classicism; dynastic families; gentlemen; aristocrat pairings with houseboys, stable-boys, or secretaries)

7. Asphyxiation (asphyxiophilia; autoerotic asphyxiation; scarfing; choking; breath play)

8. Attention (singling someone out; treating someone specially in front of others; making a point of showing respect to or interest in someone who doesn't usually receive it; observing, studying, or analyzing someone to understand them)

9. AUs (alternate characterizations and situations; sex between alternates of one character or between different characters; alternates as catalysts for realization of desire; role reversal; darker mirror universe characters; mistaken identity)

10. Bad boys (punks, rebels; see also Rogues)

11. Begging or offering (begging or pleading for mercy, for sexual release, to be taken; a character offering himself; neediness)

12. Biological imperative (pon farr or mating drive; being in heat)

13. Black Market (stolen or counterfeit goods; arms running; drugs; smuggling in general; political activists working to undermine the government; auctions; people smuggling and/or selling; forced slavery; loan sharks; water trade; hawking of bootleg goods; art and/or historical artefacts being sold to private collectors; black market situations: underground worlds; city below the city; lords of the underground)

14. Bodyguard scenarios (See also Protectiveness)

15. Bonds (telepathic or empathic; psychic links; mating or soul bonds)

16. Bruises and other wounds

17. Celibacy (e.g., someone's celibacy as a challenge to seduction)

18. Claiming or establishing ownership (private or public; by gesture, word, or ritual; with sex; with a collar and leash; with scent-marking or by biting)

19. Clams (i.e., characters who are stoic, terse, repressed; talking and communication issues; silence)

20. Charisma (charming; flirting; sweet talk; winning one over to proposed way of thinking)

21. Conditioning (taming or breaking a character; training; brainwashing; Stockholm syndrome)

22. Conflicts and challenges (war and combat in general; sieges; Die Hard scenarios; jousting; gladiatorial games; wrestling and sparring; duels of honor; bets and sports competitions; romantic rivalries; seduction viewed as a challenge; misunderstandings and fights; break-ups; traded insults; stormy relationships; family strife; personality clashes; cultural differences; philosophical disagreements)

23. Crossovers (characters thrust into other universes; canon universes merged)

24. Drugs (recreational drug use; self-destructive addictions; addiction as a by-product of pain management; alcoholism and sobriety)

25. Dystopias (apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic worlds; alien invasions; pandemics; computers take over; settings in Hell, or earth becomes Hell)

26. Enemies working together

27. Ensembles (elite teams of explorers, spies, law enforcement figures, etc; sentai; military squadrons; skilled teams operating like clockwork, such as when pulling off a heist; bands of rebels; families; surrogate families; outcasts, e.g., freaks and geeks; carnival troupes; motley characters thrown together by fate; alternatives to society e.g., Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys)

28. Falling (falling from grace; going bad; turning to the Dark Side; Faustian deals; succumbing to temptation or addiction; degradation and descent in general)

29. Fish out of water characters/scenarios

30. Grunge (dirty and sweaty, needing a shower; actual mud/dirt elements in a sex scene or as urban surrounds)

31. Guns and gun-play (guns as fetish objects; gun-battles as flirting or foreplay; games of Russian Roulette; see also Military fetishization)

32. Hero/sidekick pairings

33. Heroes (knights and champions; superheroes; samurai or ronin; super-soldiers; ordinary characters becoming heroes and characters overcoming fear with bravery; rebel/underground heroes; saviors and liberators; avengers; see also Heroic gestures)

34. Heroic gestures (nobility; self-sacrifice; risking self to save someone's life; Gift of the Magi scenarios; taking the partner's place for torture; trading sexual favors to guards to procure food or medicine for partner; heroic deaths)

35. Humor (funny banter, screwball comedy, etc)

36. Insanity (involuntary or false committal; characters appearing insane when their beliefs or fears are real; sedation and restraints; asylums; dementia; therapy)

37. Intelligence (quick wit; street smarts; Machiavellian cleverness; Sherlock Holmesian deductive powers; geniuses; experts; criminal masterminds; see also Special powers and skills; Geeks and nebbishes)

38. Masks (physical; concealed identity; Venetian masks; Zorro; mental masks; also see Masquerade)

39. Masquerade (a character pretends to be someone else, or something he's not, e.g., a nebbishy nerd must convince goons he's a ruthless arms dealer or assassin; a cop goes undercover in prison; a spy infiltrates an agency; a good guy pretends to be his AU evil twin; Cyrano scenarios)

40. Military fetishization (competence; guns, knives, and other weapons; uniforms, dog-tags, thigh-holsters, etc; authority; soldiers and rebels; paramilitary figures such as cops; brothers in arms as a romantic concept)

41. Mindfuck, mindgames

42. Mirrors (reflection, both physical and mental; parallel situations; inner thoughts)

43. Motorbikes

44. Music (singing; playing an instrument such as guitar or piano; composers; rock stars or bands; groupies; song lyrics)

45. Neck fetishization (nape of the neck, throat, hickeys, etc)

46. Penance or reform (bad boy turns good; evil seeks to change; performing acts of atonement or restitution; self-mortification; martyrdom; selflessness; apologies or apology sex)

47. Possessiveness or jealousy

48. Primitivism (dropping technologically advanced characters into exotic/primitive settings; medieval societies either magical or non-magical; nomadic and desert cultures; warrior cultures; jungle tribes; the noble savage; Androcles/lion pairings; the social intimacies of tribes/camps; bacchanals; culture clash/shock; unusual practices/rituals, e.g., feats of skill and strength or marriage as treaty; schizo-tech cultures, as when a seemingly feudal pre-industrial society has high-tech elements)

49. Prison scenarios (prison rape and/or protection; cruel guards; punishment; hard labor; deprivation; prisoners of war; camps and barracks; false imprisonment)

50. Prostitutes (call-girls and hookers; rent boys and hustlers; escorts; juvenile past on the streets)

51. Protectiveness (physically or verbally defending someone; caretaking in general; big guy/little guy pairings; bodyguard scenarios; mysterious benefactors or protectors)

52. Rescue (danger and rescue in general, e.g., abductions)

53. Rogues (outlaws, highwaymen, mercenaries, pirates, gangsters, hitmen, yakuza etc; black sheep and royal bastards; Han Solo characters; tricksters; see also Violent and dark natures)

54. Scars or scarification

55. Secret admirers

56. Secret identity (superheroes, slayers, immortals, mutants, etc; disguised gender; spies)

57. Secrets, other (dark or criminal past; double lives; previous marriage and/or children; unspoken feelings)

58. Situational engineering (the conscious or unconscious manufacture of events that give an emotional or sexual pay-off which can't be otherwise achieved; in particular, perilous situations; for example, character A puts himself in danger in order to receive fussy attention from character B; pay-off can be simply seeing someone, or hurt/comfort touching, intimacy, adrenaline sex, etc)

59. Sleep and bedding themes (sharing a bed by necessity, such as in a hotel with only one room left; sharing a sleeping bag for warmth; sex while drowsy or sleeping; sex as a sleep aid; autonomic arousal from proximity; morning wake-up sex, falling asleep against someone's shoulder; watching someone sleep; dreams; nightmares; dream lovers, e.g., succubi; exotic or romantic beds, e.g., canopied; furs as bedding; silk sheets)

60. Smarm (intense friendship with physical closeness but no actual sex)

61. Special powers and skills (superhero powers; magical powers; telekinesis; shapeshifting; hyperdeveloped senses; combat expertise; sharpshooting; eidetic memory; computer hacking skills; thief skills; temporary gifts of power from drugs, alien devices, etc, repercussions of which could include delusions of godhood, dangerous physical or mental overload, and so on)

62. Swords and sword-play

63. Tattoos (decorative, symbolic, or slave; barcodes)

64. Temperamental personalities (driven or obsessed; hot-tempered or testy; moody; misanthropic or bitter; abrasive)

65. Toughness (machismo or hyper-masculinity; physical stamina; a hard surface covering an inner softie; resolve; survival skills; teeth-gritting acts such as pulling an arrow out of one's own thigh, etc; Bad boys, etc)

66. Trapped or stranded together (on another world; on a desert island; in a cave-in; in a cabin during a snowstorm; in an elevator)

67. Underdogs

68. UST (unresolved sexual tension)

69. Violent and dark natures (sadists; assassins and murderers; sociopaths who make twisted, scary displays of affection, conflating love and violence; criminals and villains in general; characters who are ruthless, merciless, casually vengeful; soulless demons or vampires; monsters in general)

70. Violent feelings (hatred; murderous rage; need for revenge)

71. Voice fetishization (cracking or broken; husky, low, throaty; purring; accents; whispering close to someone's ear)

72. Vulnerability

73. Warriors (see Heroes; Toughness; Primitivism; Rogues; Military fetishization)

74. Weapon fetishization (gun fu; trademark weaponry: Lara Croft's dual pistols, Duncan's katana; exotic weapons: war fans, whips; embedded: Wolverine's claws; magical/symbolic: Sting, Excalibur, Narsil; sentient or empathic; hiding a multitude of weapons on one's body; concealment in general: derringer in garter, boot knife; see other individual listings; Military fetishization)

75. Worry (one character worrying anxiously about another; going crazy with worry)

Comment here with any questions in regards to the themes.
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